In the general topics, contributions will be accepted related to:

Endemic, transboundary, emerging and re-emerging pests and diseases


Invasive species

Prevention and control of zoonoses

Precision agriculture, information and communications technologies

Design, development and application of drugs, biopesticides, and technologies

Food quality and safety

Nanosciences and Nanotechnologies applied to the agri-food sector

Risk Reduction and Disaster Management

Climate change impact and mitigation

Internationalization and negotiation of knowledge

Challenges for the implementation of the One Health approach

Biodiversity for sustainability

Agroecosystem management and multi-trophic interactions

Antimicrobial resistance

Pest and disease modeling and simulation

Functional foods, probiotics and prebiotics

Dairy sector and sustainability challenges

Animal welfare

Wildlife risk management

Management systems and local development in the agri-food sector

Academic education and continuous technical training

Social sciences and health in the agri-food sector